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For 10% off use the code 'zenlyn'

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Scenery of Hokkaido (by sunao-films)

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Hello everyone! I’ve finally gotten around to picking the winners of my cloud awards !!
Firstly i’d like to apologise for taking so long (if anyone even remembers my little cloud awards orz), recently I’ve been really busy with school and offline activities to really sit down and go through every blog and pick the winners. Because I’ve taken so long in getting everything together I decided to add one more spot to a few different categories and add in a pastel category so I can include even more wonderful blogs!
Without further ado here are the winners~ (in no particular order)

Best URL (2)
bveathless / jinkouu
Best Theme (3) *
aoii-kun / rnint-tea / yngvz
Best Colour-coding (3) *
elestea / maochii / rhythmings
Best Kfashion (3)
yuksicho / rainieun / tokyieu
Best Photography (3)
yeolumrain / hhanabi / gijeok
Best Colour-themed (4)
ryuhaii / baiyue / yuneji / umitokki
Best Kpop (2)
seulgi-shii / sehunq
Best Anime/Manga or Kawaii (3)
rhyuusei / chusempai / fxya
Best Posts (4) *
pekoriins / pabohun / elixin / wixm
Best Overall (2)
luuhaii / afalling
Best Pastel (3) **
jpghan / seoulmisfits / h-aneul
Runner Ups / Special Mentions
sukireul (currently on hiatus), zhengjiawen, hello-kittayy, blue-celeste, yeuni, kumoii, seoulmaates, doranni

* = Extra spot
** = New category
Awards page can be found here.
Congratulations to all the winners! Screenies will hopefully be up within the next week ★

by yoshizawhat

untitled by (fujiimoon)